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Symantec O₃

Symantec O3 is a unique cloud security platform that provides single sign-on and enforces access control policies across web applications. Symantec O3 helps enterprises migrate to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications while ensuring that proper risk management and compliance measures are in place to protect enterprise data and follow regulations.

Symantec O3 improves security without getting in the way of usability. With Symantec O3, end users only have to login once, across all of their web applications. It enables enterprise IT to provide single sign-on and access control security for multiple cloud applications.

In short, O3 enables enterprise IT to embrace the cloud while retaining visibility and control – simplifying the use of cloud applications for both enterprise IT staff and for users.

What are Agents, Options and Add-ons

Agents, options and add-ons are used to extend the functionality of the base product.


Mobile Data Container App for iOS devices

This application for devices such as Apple iPhones and iPads to helps protect data that may be migrated from a cloud application to a mobile device.
  • Creates an encrypted “sandbox that separates the environment from the user’s personal work environment and automatically encrypts files downloaded from the cloud.
  • Provides an “airplane mode” which give a user access to the data in the sandbox even when not connected to the application or the internet.
  • Allows “do not forward” policy to be enforced – which restricts the user from emailing or copying a downloaded file to user or another drive.
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Strong Authentication

O3 provides options for deploying strong, “One-time Password” (OTP) authentication. O3 authentication policies can be implemented on an application by application basis, requiring “step-up” authentication when strong authentication is required for a specific application.
  • Bundled connector for Symantec VIP Service for web applications
  • 3rd party strong authentication can be supported through a Symantec Professional Services engagement.