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Addressing Data Growth with Deduplication
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A Backup solution shouldn’t be picky about what it can protect.

Insure your infrastructure

What does your IT investment portfolio look like? Different organizations spread their investments across transactional, informational, and strategic initiatives. No matter how the portfolio is spread across initiatives, the foundation for IT is its infrastructure. Physical servers running mission critical database workloads and hypervisor hosts for virtualization are part of that IT infrastructure.

What are the building blocks for your IT infrastructure? You may be using AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, or Windows. Are you considering Windows Hyper-V for consolidation? Or Oracle, Sybase, or DB2? Exchange or Lotus Notes? The NetBackup Platform is designed with heterogeneity in mind. You pick the building blocks for your business and NetBackup will protect it.

Protect end-to-end

Let’s look at a simple example: a Windows Server with a Hyper-V role, hosting a few virtual machines. You can let those virtual machines run a SharePoint farm as collaborative platform for your sales team.

  • Protect your Windows server in its entirety so that you could recover from bare metal to a physical server or virtual machine.
  • Set a separate SLA for your virtual machines as it belongs to another business unit.
  • Enable users to self serve their granular recovery needs to reduce operational overhead for your IT team.

The NetBackup Platform gives you end-to-end protection from a single console - whether you’re looking for Windows backup, Linux Backup, UNIX backup, or virtual machine backup. You don’t need to look elsewhere.

Think beyond traditional copies

The NetBackup Platform lets you make unlimited copies of production data – and it goes beyond making traditional copies. Built-in deduplication lets you reduce data volume at the source and target. NetBackup Accelerator reduces the impact on protection servers and delivers full backups using the time and resources needed for an incremental backup. NetBackup Replication Director enables you to use snapshots and replicated snapshots as recovery points while also letting you make full copies from an off-host system.

If all data is not created equally and treated equally why would you protect it the same way? Built-in data classification and storage lifecycle policies are designed to help you match the right SLA to the right data set. Above all, you get to manage and monitor everything from a single console.

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