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Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL Certificates

Protect the transfer of sensitive data on multiple subdomains under one domain on your server using a single, easy-to-manage certificate. This website security solution features essential SSL, the Norton Secured Seal, the most recognized trust mark on the Internet, and malware scanning.
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Implementation Considerations

A Secure Site Wildcard SSL Certificate helps enable SSL encryption on multiple subdomains on your server using a single certificate as long as the domains are controlled by the same organization and share the same second-level domain name. For example, a Secure Site Wildcard SSL certificate issued to Company ABC using the Common Name (“*.CompanyABC.com”) may be used to secure the following domains:
  • project.companyabc.com
  • marketingportal.companyabc.com
  • support.companyabc.com
Symantec offers Subjective Alternative Name (SAN) certificates for sites that do not share the same domain and that do not have the same number of levels.

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