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Veritas Operations Manager

Centralized Storage Management

Veritas Operations Manager from Symantec is a centralized operationally focused tool that enhances the management of Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, and ApplicationHA across different application, server, virtualization, and storage platforms.


how to add GCO function after the cluster installed and running

hejohn | Oct 1, 2014 7:38:12 PM

I need a solution Hi There, am wondering if anyone can help on how to can add GCO function after the cluster installed completed and i have the cluster already running for a while. please. thanks. Kind Regards, John 1412221299 ...

Improving Efficiency and Reducing Risks with Storage Foundation ASLs

ccarrero | Sep 24, 2014 1:11:55 PM

There are several aspects that prove that Storage Foundation is an enterprise storage management tool that has been used for years on the most critical environments. Recently I had the opportunity to use the NetApp EF550 all flash array with Storage Foundation Cluster File System (CFS). Both products are a perfect fit, as the design of CFS can maximize the...