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Veritas Operations Manager

Centralized Storage Management

Veritas Operations Manager from Symantec is a centralized operationally focused tool that enhances the management of Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, and ApplicationHA across different application, server, virtualization, and storage platforms.


IP agent for same mac address interface

Xentar | Jun 30, 2015 10:24:17 AM

I need a solution Hi all, Our environment as the following: OS: redhat 6.5 VCS: VCS 6.2.1 Our server have two physical network port, namely eth0 and eth1. We do create tagged vlan, vlan515, vlan516, vlan518, vlan520 based on eth0 and eth1. We are able to create resource IP on vlan518...

Software-defined Storage Architecture for Analyltics Computing

ccarrero | Jun 18, 2015 4:01:52 AM

Software Defined Storage is modifying the way storage is being consumed. With the increase of cores per server and server-side storage slots available, software is the key aspect to virtualize all those components and unlock the performance and capacities of faster networks and processors. While VERITAS has being virtualizing storage for decades, its new...