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Making Strides in Symantec Support

17 March 2008


Customer feedback is crucial for guiding our strategy – encouraging us to go further when something is working well and calling attention to key opportunities for improvement.


Each year, Symantec makes investments across our business to improve the experience of being a Symantec customer. Customer feedback is crucial for guiding our strategy – encouraging us to go further when something is working well and calling attention to key opportunities for improvement. We're pleased to relate that several key milestones have been reached over the past year in the area of Symantec customer support.

Learning from the past

As you probably know from experience with your own business, success is rarely achieved without a few growing pains along the way. Symantec discovered this first hand when we simultaneously released Backup Exec 11d and a new licensing portal in November, 2006. This created a 'perfect storm' that drove an unprecedented spike in demand for support assistance. Questions about the new licensing center, coupled with the typical calls that accompany the release of any major new product resulted in long wait times and slow responsiveness from our staff.

In the wake of this experience, Symantec made customer support readiness for new product releases a top priority in 2007 and 2008. Our operational models for staffing and training now include improved forecasting techniques, greater flexibility to respond quickly to changing coverage needs, and even tighter levels of coordination with our product teams.

Additional Symantec Enterprise Support enhancements

Throughout 2007, Symantec made several other changes to support operations to enhance the customer experience. For example, we modified the Licensing Portal to streamline the process for registering and activating newly purchased products. We also enhanced the Licensing Portal to make it easier to manage existing license data, process software version upgrade notifications, and maintain support contacts.

We have also made a wide range of web resources available to our Enterprise Support Customers. These new and improved resources include:
  • Symantec Technical Support Handbook – Documents policies and provides a step-by-step process for escalating issues. We have recently increased local language support to include 10 languages.
  • MySupport portal – Previously available only to premium customers, the MySupport portal is now available for all customer accounts. The portal enables customers to submit and manage support cases online. MySupport receives over 30,000 customer logins per month.
  • Symantec Support KnowledgeBase – The Support KnowledgeBase is ideal for those IT professionals who prefer to solve problems independently. This valuable tool features improved search functionality, as well as a huge volume of new content.
  • Symantec Technology Network – This online community offers an array of support-related information. Ask a question or browse through user discussion forums for information. Symantec experts routinely post new blog entries, videos, articles, and more.

Listening to Our Customers

We continue to learn from you, our customers through surveys, user conferences, and a variety of daily interactions. Every Symantec employee, from entry level technicians to our most senior executives understands the role they play in providing a quality customer experience.

"The Symantec vision is to provide confidence in a connected world," said Jeff Russakow, VP Symantec Enterprise Support in a recent interview. "Support is crucial for making this vision a reality. Our goal is to keep Symantec products fully functional, up to date, and delivering maximum value. The investments we've made in the past year make it easier than ever for customers to get the expert assistance they require, and we have more initiatives planned for 2008."

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