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Protecting the Latest Windows Servers

11 November 2008


The two new server operating systems recently released by Microsoft offer increased flexibility and ease of management, but businesses still need to find an efficient way to protect those environments.
Servers are at the root of most businesses, acting as the technological backbone of the organization. Protecting the business data and systems housed on these servers is critical, but it can be costly and time consuming to administer. This month, Microsoft released two new server operating systems geared towards the SMB market. While these new operating systems offer increased flexibility and ease of management, businesses still need to find an efficient way to protect those environments.

Microsoft catering toward SMB

Microsoft recently released Windows Essential Server Solutions, which includes Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Essential Business Server 2008. This new family of integrated, all-in-one IT solutions is designed and priced for small and midsize businesses.
  • Windows Small Business Server 2008 is designed for small businesses (10-50 employees) and works with existing technology. It offers 24x7 access to business desktops, including email, files, business applications, and more. The server capacity is flexible and can increase as a business grows.
  • Windows Small Business Server 2008 is an entirely new collection of up to four servers designed especially for use in mid-sized businesses (50-250 employees). A central console enables management of the entire IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly standalone solutions. Automated management capabilities and plug-ins for business applications are also included.
With features that most SMBs will embrace, these new operating systems are likely to become the IT backbone in many organizations. However, whenever new technology is considered, data and system protection must also be considered. For a business to operate successfully, its information must be secure as well as available. If information is lost or access is interrupted, the impact can be critical and sometimes fatal for a business. That’s why protecting and securing business information is so vital.
Small and mid-size businesses are often at a disadvantage when trying to adequately protect valuable business information, as they typically lack both the budget and the staff of large enterprises. When looking for backup and data protection, cost-effectiveness and reliability are paramount. Centralized administration is also important.
Ensuring that critical information is securely stored and protected is not just a good business policy; in some cases, it is a legal requirement. Government regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley mandate record retention, forcing many businesses to revisit their data protection, backup, and archiving methodologies.

Ideal data and system protection

With the recent launch of Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers, Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Small Business Server, and Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5, Symantec now offers certified support and protection for Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Essential Business Server 2008. Here is what these complementary solutions have to offer businesses using Windows servers:
Data protection: Backup Exec 12.5 protects data stored on Windows Small Business Server 2008, 2003, and 2000 and the new Windows Essential Business Server 2008. Backup Exec 12.5 also now provides comprehensive data protection for both physical and virtual systems, including two new agents for VMware and Hyper-V virtual systems. Overall, version 12.5 offers:
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Reduced storage requirements and recovery times for Microsoft applications with granular data recovery
  • Complete protection for Exchange and SQL applications running in a Windows Small Business Server environment
Mid-sized businesses using Windows Essential Business Server 2008 can get complete data protection through Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers. Innovative integration between Backup Exec 12.5 and Windows Essential Business Server reduces management and enables and rapid recovery features that reduce backup and recovery time. Symantec’s SmartLink Technology makes it easy for administrators to manage new or scheduled backup or recovery jobs through a single console.
System protection: Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5 offers disk-based data and system recovery for Windows-based systems in just minutes to avoid revenue loss or a damaged reputation due to system downtime. Version 8.5 also features the ability to easily schedule physical-to-virtual system conversions as well as enhanced virtual environment support. In addition, Backup System Recovery 8.5 offers:
  • Complete system recovery—even to dissimilar hardware
  • Granular recovery of Exchange and SharePoint files and folders
  • Easy management and flexible restoration options


No matter which Microsoft server your business uses, you can rely on Symantec for complete backup and recovery protection. In February, Symantec was the first company to offer Microsoft-certified data protection for Windows Server 2008–one important result of the collaboration between Symantec engineers and Microsoft developers. Small and mid-sized businesses need an easy and efficient way to keep their data and systems protected. Symantec solutions make that a reality.

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