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Symantec Data Center Security: Server, Monitoring Edition, & Server Advanced

Orchestrate Policy-based Agentless Threat Protection and Hardening for Your VMware Environment and Enable Continuous Security Monitoring and Hardening for your On-premise Servers, AWS, and OpenStack Clouds.

Symantec™ Data Center Security enables organizations to continuously monitor and enable host-based hardening of their on-premises physical and virtual servers, AWS, and OpenStack clouds. Customers can automatically deploy agent less antimalware and guest network threat protection for their VMware environments. Symantec™ Data Center Security automates policy-based orchestration of security settings across Symantec and its ecosystem of third party security partners.

Data Center Security: Server

Key Features

  • Agentless network-based threat detection and protection (Network IPS).
  • Operations Director delivers out-of-the-box security intelligence and automates policy-based security orchestration within the Symantec Data Center Security product family, enables application-centric security services, and seamlessly integrates with VMware to extend security policy orchestration to third party security tools.
  • Unified Management Console (UMC delivers a consistent management experience across Data Center Security products.
  • In-guest file quarantine and policy-based remediation.

Key Benefits

  • Automate policy-based security provisioning and deliver always-on security with the best-of-breed security protection technology.
  • Optimize network and application performance of guests and hosts via agentless antimalware and agentless network IPS.
  • Improve network performance by having single definition updates.
  • Auto-deployment of virtual appliances enables the workloads to scale while minimizing any additional OPEX cost.

Data Center Security: Monitoring Edition

Key Features

  • All features available in Data Center Security: Server.
  • Security monitoring across physical and virtual servers including real-time file integrity monitoring, configuration monitoring, consolidated event logging, and file and system tamper prevention.
  • Security monitoring of OpenStack Data Centers including configuration changes, monitoring of Keystone program files and Keystone data, and access monitoring.
  • Security monitoring of AWS public and hybrid clouds (VPCs) including security configuration monitoring, file integrity monitoring, whitelisting with application control for on-premises and off-premises data centers, and security automation across the cloud environment via REST API.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify continuous monitoring and compliance reporting of hybrid data center infrastructures for cybersecurity and compliance.
  • Fully instrumented REST API provides corresponding API for all console actions to enable full internal and external cloud automation.
  • Single tool to effectively identify policy violations and suspicious activities at an application or instance-level, in real-time, across the physical and virtual servers, as well as across AWS and OpenStack clouds.

Data Center Security: Server Advanced

Key Features

  • All features available in Data Center Security: Server and Monitoring Edition.
  • Out-of-the-box host IDS and IPS policies.
  • Sandboxing and process access Control (PAC), host firewall, compensating HIPS controls, file and system tamper prevention, and application and device control.
  • Hardening of OpenStack Keystone.

Key Benefits

  • Protect server from zero day attacks including an added ability to integrate Data Center Security:Server Advanced into the customer's data center toolset to quickly deploy additional monitoring and targeted hardening to applicable servers via REST APIs.
  • Unbreakable. Data Center Security: Server Advanced remains unbreakable in the five years that Symantec ran the "Capture the Flag" hacking challenge at the annual Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Secure unpatched applications and systems running on legacy and End-of-life platforms.
  • Virtualization-technology agnostic and broad platform support means that customers can secure workloads regardless of where it resides and can protect entire data centers including legacy systems that cannot be patched.
  • Monitor and protect physical and virtual data centers using a combination of host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), intrusion prevention (HIPS), and least privilege access control. Fully instrumented REST API provides corresponding API for all console activities to enable full internal and external cloud automation.


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