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Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud

Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations store, manage, and discover business-critical information. Enterprise Vault.cloud securely captures information in a centralized and tamper-proof online repository, with seamless end user access and rapid search functionality. Plus, the built-in collaborative eDiscovery workflow provides legal teams with roles-based access, expediting the discovery process. With no mandatory hardware or software required, the service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee.

White Papers

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Osterman Research: Best Practices For Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

The number of organizations considering the move to Office 365 is steadily increasing - expecting to more than double by 2017. Along with the productivity gains and product upgrades this migration provides, it also introduces a new set of risks and demands. Read this white paper from Osterman Research to learn about the risks and gains of migrating to Office 365, along with practical advice for doing so.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations with Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud

This white paper is designed for organizations considering replacing their legacy messaging system with Office 365, and who are looking at ways to reduce the costs and risks associated with the migration project.

When is Your Storage Problem Not a Storage Problem?

Learn about building an Information Governance strategy and how to arm your organization with the tools to gain visibility, take action, and assume control over your organization’s information.

How to Control Information Governance Costs when Compliance is a Moving Target

The success of an organization's compliance initiative is critical to a well thought out Information Governance plan that manages compliance risk with appropriate technology measures. The paper offers critical insights and practical advice to assist organizations with these business-critical governance decisions, and reviews how the capabilities of an archiving and eDiscovery technology solution can help.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Migrations with Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud

Read this white paper to learn how Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud can help reduce the time and cost of migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2010 by reducing the volume of data that needs to be migrated from the old mail platform to the new one.

Symantec Enterprise Vault Portfolio Extends the Value of IBM Collaboration Environments

This brief reviews how Symantec Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Vault.cloud give enterprises peace of mind in archiving IBM's Domino and Notes platforms.

Intelligent Information Governance | Defensible Deletion

Learn more about Symantec's comprehensive approach to defensible deletion which reduces the storage costs and legal risks associated with the retention of electronically stored information.

Mailbox Management with Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud

Email volumes have been steadily escalating for the past few years. Consequently, nearly every IT department is struggling with the issue of email storage management. Given the sheer volume of email today, controlling storage costs is a big part of mailbox management. Not surprisingly, email archiving continues to grow in popularity, since it can significantly reduce overall storage costs and dramatically improve the efficiency of messaging servers, their reliability, and the speed in which they deliver messages. This white paper describes the mailbox management capabilities of Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud.

The Inevitable Extinction of PSTs

Read this white paper to learn about the problems that PSTs cause and find out a systematic approach for eliminating them.

Email Retention and Archiving

Retaining and Archiving business electronic communications is fast becoming a necessity for all businesses. Learn about the legal and compliance regulations associated with maintaining your business critical emails. Understand how your business could face legal issues if a proper archiving solution is not in place.

Death to PST Files: The Hidden Costs of Email

Email has become the lifeblood of modern business, with more than three quarters of an organization’s business-critical data stored there. In this white paper, you’ll learn more about the business challenges created by email archives and PST files, and how the Symantec Email Archiving and eDiscovery Service can help reduce the associated risks.

EBOOK: Email Archiving - What it is, what it isn’t, and how it can improve your business operations

In this brief eBook we’ll define email archiving more specifically, explain the difference between email archiving and backup, and discuss options you have for implementing a successful archiving solution.



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