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Symantec Messaging Gateway

Spam Filter by the first name in messaging security

Symantec Messaging Gateway enables organizations to secure their email and productivity infrastructure with effective and accurate real-time antispam and antimalware protection, targeted attack protection, advanced content filtering, data loss prevention, and email encryption. Messaging Gateway is simple to administer and catches more than 99% of spam with less than one in a million false positives. Defend your email perimeter, and quickly respond to new messaging threats with this market leading messaging security solution.

New Features

The 10.6 release of Symantec Messaging Gateway includes several new features to provide better protection, greater control and easy management. Symantec introduces targeted attack protection, expanded URL reputation data, and simplified management with LDAP authentication.

Better Protection

  • Targeted Attack Protection: Disarm, a proprietary Symantec technology, helps protect against targeted attacks and zero day malware by removing exploitable content from Microsoft Office and PDF attachments.
  • Expanded URL Reputation: By analyzing destination website content, Messaging Gateway has more known threat URLs to block more spam, malware, and phishing messages.
  • Outbound Sender Throttling: Prevent outbound spam attacks from compromised internal users.

Greater Control

  • Granular Unscannable Verdicts: Customers have more control over how they want to treat messages that cannot be scanned, allowing discrete configurable actions for each unscannable reason.
  • TLS Encryption: Transport Layer Security encryption allows more secure communication with trusted partners and senders and adds additional protection when used with Data Loss Prevention.

Easier Management

  • LDAP Authenticated Administration: Management is simplified with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol authenticated administration, allowing Single Sign On, configuration of administrator policies using LDAP groups, and per-group access to message quarantine.
  • Expanded Virtual Support: Microsoft Hyper-V is now supported in addition to VMWare hypervisors for additional deployment options.

Key Features

  • Anti-spam gateway blocks more than 99% of spam with less than one in 1 million false positives and real-time automatic updates.
  • Antispam filtering engine powered by Brightmail - a set of technologies that identify email borne threats based on reputation on both the global and local level.
  • Strong data loss prevention capabilities ensure customers stay in regulatory compliance.
  • Customer- Specific Rules allow customers to easily create rules based on email they consider to be spam or on potentially targeted attacks.
  • Optional encryption integration with Symantec Content Encryption or Symantec Gateway Email Encryption.

Key Benefits

  • Protects sensitive client data and valuable confidential information, with the ability to fingerprint and identify actual company data within messages or attachments.
  • Protects company reputation and manages risks associated with data loss, internal governance, and regulatory compliance.
  • Optional Symantec Content Encryption subscription integrates email encryption into Messaging Gateway console, leveraging powerful built-in spam filtering and data loss prevention policies.
  • Includes a dashboard, summary reports, and detailed reports demonstrating the efficacy and impact of anti-spam gateway while proactively highlighting threat trends and potential compliance issues.
  • Reduces administrative costs by removing the complexity of multiple consoles, disparate policies, and incompatible logging and reporting, while demonstrating efficacy and impact of messaging security.
  • Flexible, configurable, easy-to-use Messaging Gateway Virtual Edition runs on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors in the hardware environment of the customer’s choosing.


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