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Mobile Security Software

Symantec Mobile AntiVirus 5.1 for Windows Mobile® enables secure mobile computing by providing comprehensive protection against malicious threats that target Windows Mobile operating systems. This on-device, automatic, real-time mobile security software helps protect against threats downloaded from the Web, sent via email or a Wi-Fi connection, or received via Bluetooth® or infrared ports.

Key Features

  • Mobile security solution quarantines viruses for later review.
  • SMS listener allows administrators to remotely initiate select on-device actions.
  • Advanced event log capability allows administrators to generate an on-device XML file that provides more detailed event logs than the on-device activity log.
  • Windows Smartphone support.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous protection of data with a minimum amount of user intervention.
  • Comprehensive mobile security protection without affecting performance by using a small application footprint on the device.

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