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Symantec Mobile Management Suite

One solution for all your enterprise mobility needs.

Symantec Mobile Management Suite is a comprehensive mobile security and management solution that provides the critical capabilities enterprises need to embrace mobility. The suite delivers innovative application management, scalable device management and trusted threat protection that enables anytime, any place productivity without sacrificing data protection or the user experience.

New Features

  • App and Data Protection: Prevent data leakage with new per-app data protection policies that block iOS 7 features such as AirDrop, AirPrint and adding files to Safari reading list. Policies are applied on a per-app basis, so you can secure corporate data without impacting the user experience.
  • New Mobile Platform Support: Enable device choice with Symantec App Center support for Google Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
  • Enhanced iOS Device Management: Support for the following iOS 7 device management APIs: open in management, app configuration, and single sign-on via Kerberos
  • Managed Distribution for the Apple Volume Purchase Program: Improve app license management with the ability to assign, install and revoke apps while retaining full ownership and control over app licenses

New Features

Symantec Mobile Management Suite includes three products in the areas of device management, application management, and threat protection.
Symantec Mobile Management is the mobile device management product that provides visibility and control over iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. SMM can be installed either on a standalone basis or as an add-on module to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Symantec IT Management Suite.
Symantec App Center is the mobile application management product that provides comprehensive distribution and protection for mobile apps and content on iOS and Android devices.
Symantec Mobile Security is a threat protection product that provides anti-malware functionality for Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Key Features

All the features of the above three products are included. Some of the highlights include:
Device Management is employed in use cases where complete device management is required or desired. Typical use cases include mobile email deployment, BlackBerry® migration, mobile policy management, mobile configuration management, etc. Key features include:
Configuration Management
Enterprise Activation
App Distribution & Revocation
Policy Management
Selective Wipe
Asset Management
Application Management & Protection is employed in use cases where complete device management cannot be employed or is not needed, and where control over just specific corporate apps and data is desired. Typical use cases include mobile application deployments, and mobile content driven deployments, in both corporate and personally owned BYOD environments. Key Features include:
Internal App Store
App Protection Policies
Internal Content Store
Content Protection Policies
Selective Wipe
Threat Protection is employed in use cases where end users download apps of their choice from any app store in the Android ecosystem. Typical use cases include securing sizeable Android deployments in global user bases, field users and contractors, as well as securing legacy Windows Mobile and CE operational devices. Key Features include:
Anti-Malware for Android
Web Protection
Symantec Mobile Management Suite employs per-user licensing and subscription based pricing model.

Key Benefits

One Solution for Diverse Mobile Environments

Whether you’re environment is corporate-owned, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) or a mix of both, Symantec Mobile Management Suite gives you the flexibility to support a variety of mobile initiatives.

Comprehensive Mobile Security and Management

With trusted protection at the device, app and data layers, Symantec Mobile Management Suite ensures that corporate data is isolated and protected from data leakage, malware and unauthorized access.

Increased Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Enable seamless co-existence of both professional and personal information without compromising data protection or the user experience.

More Protection, For Less

Increase the security posture across your mobile workforce, while reducing upfront costs and force out unnecessary complexity. A per-user pricing model offers a cost-effective way to extend protection to more devices.


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