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What is Symantec.cloud?

Symantec.cloud services provide essential protection while virtually eliminating the need to manage hardware and software on site.


Symantec.cloud services secure and manage information stored on endpoints and exchanged through email, Web, and IM interactions.
Email Security.cloud

Email Security.cloud

Always-on, inbound and outbound email security, with protection against targeted attacks, spear phishing, advanced malware, spam and bulk mail. Includes data loss prevention technology and email encryption delivered from a global cloud platform. Protect your cloud and on-premise mailboxes and remove the complexities of on-site technology.

Web Security.cloud

Safeguards your business against web-borne malware and web misuse.

Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition

A virus can destroy your business in minutes. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition protects it just as fast. It installs in minutes, updates automatically, and protects against viruses and malware.


Managing email infrastructure has become increasingly complex and costly, requiring significant resource investment and expertise.
Enterprise Vault.cloud

Enterprise Vault.cloud

A cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations better store, manage, and discover business-critical information. The service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage and retention for a predictable monthly fee.

Email Continuity.cloud

Email Continuity.cloud provides an affordable standby email system that activates in minutes, providing virtually uninterrupted use of email in the event of a mail server outage.