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Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC allows you to implement and manage highly available Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases. Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC is a reliable, easy-to-use storage and cluster management solution. Choose the appropriate operating system and storage hardware for your environment without compromising management capabilities. Install, configure and centrally manage all database, clustering and storage management tasks from a single console regardless of hardware platform. Increase flexibility, scalability and performance, while reducing system downtime.


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To use the online License Renewal Center, you will need the serial number, license certificate, or license ID of your product. Note: Some Symantec products may not be available for online renewal through the License Renewal Center.

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To renew through a reseller, please contact your existing reseller—or use the link at right to find a new reseller.


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Learn how to register products, get upgrades, and download license keys from the Symantec Licensing Portal.


Customers with valid maintenance contracts may access the FileConnect electronic software distribution site to download the latest versions of selected Symantec software. To use the site, you will need the serial number of your product.


Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 4.0 is licensed per server based on the size of the server on the Solaris, HP-UX and AIX platform. For Linux, it is licensed per CPU.


Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 4.0 is available in one version: Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC.

Licensing Resources

Find out how Symantec products are sold, and learn about options for paid support services.


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