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Symantec Storage Foundation

Symantec Storage Foundation powered by Veritas delivers storage Quality of Service (QoS) at the application level and maximizes your storage efficiency, availability and performance across operating systems, virtualization technologies, and storage hardware. Storage Foundation enables a flexible and agile infrastructure with features such as SmartIO and Flexible Storage Sharing while reducing storage costs with features such as deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, and storage tiering. Storage Foundation also provides a standard set of integrated tools from Veritas Operations Manager, a comprehensive management platform. With Storage Foundation, you can adopt Solid State Drive (SSD) technology and implement any changes to your storage infrastructure, including operating system or array migrations, without impacting application availability.

Data Sheets

Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 Flexible Storage Sharing

Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) unlocks the true potential of Direct Attached Storage (DAS), without sacrificing performance or availability. FSS provides up to 4x the performance at less than 20% of the cost of a traditional Storage Area Network (SAN) environment.
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Symantec Storage Foundation

Symantec Storage Foundation powerd by Veritas maximizes storage efficiency, data availability, operating system agility, and performance across heterogeneous server and storage environments.

White Papers

Running Highly Available, High Performance Databases in a SAN-Free Environment

This joint whitepaper demonstrates how SymantecTM Cluster File System with Intel® Solid-State Drive DC S3700 Series, provides 4X performance @ ~80% reduction in the cost of SAN while maintaining full availability and redundancy of the internal SSDs.
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ESG Lab Review Symantec's Storage Foundation for Linux

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) calls Storage Foundation the tool that makes the IT data center the greatest show on earth. Read this review of Storage Foundation in terms of throughput, CPU utilization, and response time.

Symantec™ Storage Foundation 6.1: SmartIO

SmartIO in Symantec™ Storage Foundation 6.1 for Linux enables customers to ensure storage Quality of Service (QoS) at the application level while optimizing storage footprint through high-performance, in-server storage. SmartIO achieves up to 400% performance gains, while reducing costs by over 80% over traditional Storage Area Network (SAN).

Don't Buy New Infrastructure: Leverage Existing Investments to Build Your Private Cloud

This white paper from IDC covers challenges and recommendations for IT organizations looking to leverage and transform existing infrastructure into private clouds.

Reducing Risks and Optimizing the Data Center with Veritas Operations Manager

Learn about the value that Veritas Operations Manager brings to current and new users of Storage Foundation and Cluster Server, including capabilities that span multiple teams within an organization from applications to server to storage administrators.

ESG Analyst Brief: Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0

Symantec's latest announcement describes how to achieve business availability and meet the service level agreements (SLAs) in place today.

Primary Storage De-duplication with Storage Foundation 6.0

Primary storage, the first line in maintaining your company's mission critical data, is under increasing pressures in today's IT environment. Unstructured data generated by end-users and applications is growing exponentially. Storage Foundation enables customers to maximize the use of primary storage they already have to reduce complexity and improve optimization through host-based de-duplication.

Architecting Resilient Private Clouds

Learn how Symantec can help you to transform your existing data center into your private cloud while ensuring it is resilient and available.

Strategic Migration Planning Guide

Make OS migrations easy with Symantec Storage Foundation, Learn the strategic considerations in migrating from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in Veritas Storage Foundation environments.

IDC Executive Brief: Thin Provisioning Using Intelligent Storage Virtualization Technology for More Efficient Use of Storage Assets

IDC believes that thin provisioning will continue to be a valuable technology with significant benefits for enterprises. Learn what IDC recommends organizations look for when selecting a thin provisioning solution.

Maximize Storage Efficiency with NetApp Thin Provisioning and Symantec Thin Reclamation

Thin-provisioning technology provides the storage administrator a way to substantially reduce overallocating storage to users and manage the capacity based on usage instead of allocated size. But even with thin provisioning, there can be wasted storage if space from deleted blocks is not reclaimed. Combining thin-reclamation capabilities offered in Veritas Storage Foundation with NetApp FlexVol thin provisioning allows storage administrators to compound the efficiencies of thin provisioning and truly maximize storage utilization.

Optimize Thin Storage Utilization with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning and Veritas Storage Foundation

As more and more people take advantage of Hitachi storage system-based thin storage, it is becoming clear that to get a fully optimized thin storage environment that delivers on the promise of waste elimination, there is a need for complementary functionality with a thin-aware host storage management stack, such as Veritas Storage Foundation. Hitachi and Symantec collaborated to ensure that the joint thin storage solution integrating Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning and Veritas Storage Foundation is stable, jointly tested and supported. This white paper outlines the joint solution now available to customers.

Enterprise Strategy Group - Symantec's Broad Approach to Thin Provisioning

Smaller amounts of well managed capacity can deliver the same value — and at a significantly lower cost — as larger amounts of poorly managed storage. In this white paper, Enterprise Strategy Group outlines the recommended approach to put your organization's wasted capacity back to work while reducing total capex and opex spend on storage.


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