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Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 16

Build Your Report Online Tool

This year, Symantec is offering its annual report on the Internet threat landscape in a whole new way. With the online "Build Your Report" tool, you can create your own custom version of the Internet Security Threat Report by selecting only those topic areas in which you are most interested, then compiling your report.
You can select from more than fifty different metrics of the threat landscape to create your personalized report. A custom URL is created that can then be shared via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, it could be bookmarked, or you could simply print the custom report.

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report – 2010

Our main report is available for download as a single PDF file. It includes all the notable and important information on the threat landscape of 2010, without the volumes of supporting metrics usually found in the appendices.

Citing the Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 16

This report contains data and graphics on the 2010 threat landscape that we know you'll want to share. When you use any piece of the report, be sure to cite us as the source: Symantec Corp., Internet Security Threat Report, Vol. 16.

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Main Report Graphs

Main Report April 2010
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This short video features the latest threats and security trends covered in the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report.


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