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Symantec Intelligence Quarterly

Symantec Intelligence Quarterly Report: October - December 2010

Symantec Intelligence Quarterly offers analysis and discussion of threat activity in a specific area and is intended to be a complement to the annual Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR).
Targeted Attacks on Critical Infrastructures
This report examines targeted attacks on critical infrastructure, with a deeper look at Trojan Hydraq (known as Aurora) and the Stuxnet worm. Targeted attacks occur when malicious code and threats are developed for and directed at specific organizations or individuals. Attackers gather information on the target and customize their attacks using social engineering to ensure a higher rate of success.
Targeted attacks against critical infrastructure sectors are especially dangerous because the attacks are tailored to disrupt specific organizations that may be essential to the functioning of a country's society, such as transportation, communications, and utilities.


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