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PGP Universal Server

Encryption Management Server provides organizations with a single console to manage multiple Symantec encryption solutions. IT organizations can manage users, automate administrative activities and establish policies to defend sensitive data and avoid the financial loss, legal ramifications, and brand damage from a data breach.

Key Features

  • Central administration of multiple Symantec encryption applications using a single console.
  • Policy enforcement that ensures data protection is operating within expected parameters.
  • Reporting and logging that provides oversight alongside the status of your data protection.
  • Key management that creates, distributes, and stores encryption keys while maintaining the ability to recover data.
  • Integration with Symantec Protection Center 2.1 with Single Sign On capability for centralized reporting and administration across multiple security solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlines user management by enrolling users and assigning security policy – no need for administrator action.
  • Enforces security policies automatically from a centrally-managed console.
  • Reduces cost and accelerates deployment using a single unified console to oversee operations.
  • With integration into Symantec Protection Center, correlate the state of endpoints to identify unprotected systems and remediate accordingly.


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