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Centralized Storage Management

Veritas Operations Manager from Symantec is a centralized operationally focused tool that enhances the management of Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, and ApplicationHA across different application, server, virtualization, and storage platforms.


13 August 2012: Managing Explosive Storage Growth in the Wake of Complexity and New Technologies

Over the past year, many technology conferences discussed about explosive data growth. If you attended some, you’ve probably seen the quote that “the growth of data is 40% to 60% over the next two years1” multiple times up on the big screen. True enough, this problem warrants a storage solution that can keep up with data growth while minimizing the risk of unexpected errors or downtime and managing diversity in the data center.
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13 August 2012: Veritas Operations Manager Advanced 5.0 from Symantec Completes the Data Center Picture

People who are on the outside looking in at a data center often assume that it runs like clockwork with everyone knowing exactly what hardware is located where, what applications are running on the hardware and that the hardware is properly utilized. Yet as anyone who actually works in a data center knows, making that perception a reality requires the right software, a lot of hard work and more than a little bit of luck. The release of Veritas Operations Manager Advanced 5.0 from Symantec gives enterprises the software platform they need to make this perception a reality while serving to take some of the hard work and chance out of the management equation

13 August 2012: Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 from Symantec Completes the Private Cloud Picture

Most enterprises are confident that they are going to virtualize much of their infrastructure so as to create a private cloud. However they are probably just as confident that once they have this private cloud in place they will have little or no insight into how well the resources in their private cloud are being used, if the resources could be better utilized and where the bottlenecks reside. Giving companies increased visibility and better control over their private clouds is what Symantec Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 provides.

13 August 2012: New Release: Introducing Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 and Veritas Operations Manager Advanced 5.0

Symantec today announced the release of Veritas Operations Manager 5.0 and Veritas Operations Manager Advanced 5.0- both of which take the next step in minimizing risk, managing complexity and maximizing storage utilization in your data center.


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