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Symantec Solutions Lead PC Magazine Best Of 2004 List Of Personal Security Products

Norton Personal Firewall Joins Two-Time Winner Norton AntiVirus and Perennial Favorite Norton Internet Security Among Top Products of the Year

CUPERTINO, Calif. - Jan. 18, 2005 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), the global leader in information security, today announced that Norton Internet Security 2005, Norton AntiVirus 2005, and Norton Personal Firewall 2005 were named Best Products of the Year by PC Magazine. Since 2001, Norton Internet Security has made the coveted list; Norton AntiVirus earned the designation last year as well. This year, only six other solutions were included in PC Magazine's short list of Best Personal Security Products. Also earning a spot on the Best of 2004 list was Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam 5.1, which was named Best Enterprise AntiSpam Product in the Security and Networking category.

"Symantec considers it an honor to see our personal and enterprise security solutions recommended as the top products in their class by PC Magazine," said Matthew Moynahan, vice president of consumer products and solutions at Symantec. "We recognize the importance of ensuring the safety and security of information assets in today's competitive digital age, and we reaffirm our commitment to provide the most innovative and powerful tools for protecting users at home and in the office."

According to PC Magazine, editors tested, reviewed, and reported on several thousand new and updated products during 2004, then selected products worthy of the magazine's Editors' Choice award; from that list, editors selected only one hundred solutions as the best products of the year.

Norton Internet Security 2005 was named Best Security Suite of 2004. "Norton Internet Security's antivirus, antispam, and firewall modules work well separately, but together, they're dynamite," editors wrote. "The suite's Privacy Control keeps sensitive data from leaving your system, and Browser Privacy suppresses unnecessary details in outbound communications. Parental control blocks inappropriate content in multiple categories on a per-user basis."

Norton AntiVirus 2005 was named Best AntiVirus of 2004. "Norton AntiVirus remains our top pick for antivirus," editors commented. "In addition to excellent virus protection and seamless virus-signature updates, including a preinstallation scan that foils existing infections, Norton AntiVirus stays competitive this year with its new Internet Worm Protection."

Norton Personal Firewall 2005 was named Best Personal Firewall of 2004. "Norton Personal Firewall 2005 thwarted every attack we threw at it; inbound port-scan attacks, Trojan-style leak test attacks, and manual attacks on the firewall process itself," editors wrote. "It can auto-block an IP address after an attack, stopping denial-of-service attacks. With privacy control and ad blocking as well, this package is hard to beat."

Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam 5.1 was named Best Enterprise Antispam Product of 2004. "Brightmail is our top choice for antispam filtering because it returned no false positives on our tests: not one legitimate message was marked as spam," according to editors. "Brightmail's thorough mix of whitelist/blacklist features, centrally updated and customizable rules-based filtering, and heuristic analysis helps keep your in-box spam-free."

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