Symantec Software Scholarship (Utah)

Symantec Software Scholarship (Utah)

What is it?

Encouraging Utah students to pursue innovation through math, science, and software careers.

The Symantec Software Scholarship program is intended to encourage high school students (grades 9 – 12) to pursue education in math and science. You could win one of four $10,000 Symantec Software Scholarship Awards* when you create and enter a software-based science project into a Utah regional science fair.
One scholarship will be awarded at each of the four science fairs. Scholarships will be given to students who best meet the criteria outlined in Symantec Software Scholarship Rules and Regulations. A team of Symantec software engineers will serve as a panel of judges, and will be responsible for choosing the winning participants.

How to Participate

To participate in the Symantec Software Scholarship program, you must:

Symantec Software Scholarship Rules and Regulations

Please carefully review the following rules and regulations as you plan and build your science fair project.
  1. Be someone who has not previously won the Symantec Software Scholarship.
  2. Create a science project that involves writing computer software that solves a specific problem.
    For sample projects, and general help, see our Resources page.
  3. The software code that you write must be primarily your own effort. You can consult a teacher or other expert, but you must come up with your own idea and you must do the work, yourself.
  4. Use of existing, or third-party code (such as Open Source code) is encouraged as long as you clearly reference or cite the source in your project.
  5. Qualify and enter your project into one of the Utah regional science fairs (refer to the regional fair web pages for more specific information).
  6. Enter your project into a Utah regional science fairs.

    NOTE: You must advance from the school to the district and from the district to the regional science fair.

  7. You do not have to win at the regional science fair level, but you must compete at this level to be chosen for a Symantec Software Scholarship.
  8. You must register with Symantec Corporation as a participant.(Do this at the same time you enter the regional science fair.)
  9. Your project will have a greater chance of winning if:

    • It goes beyond the simple entry and display of data through a user interface.
    • The problem being solved is complex (the more complex the problem, the more impressed the judges will be).
    • The software you write actually solves the problem or question of your project.
    • The user interface is well designed and easy to use (Well designed user interfaces are given a higher value by the judges).
    • The software handles errors effectively by either automatically resolving them, or by explaining to the user what must be done to correct the error.

    NOTE: science projects are judged from several aspects, including (but not limited to): code complexity, code quality, user interface, error handling, whether objectives are met, etc.

  10. Once you have won the Symantec Software Scholarship you will be able to use it to pursue an education in math and science.

Need Help?

Send your questions or comments to symantec_scholarship@symantec.com. You may also use this email address to request additional help from a Symantec software engineer or manager.
* The Symantec Software Scholarship award money is held in a trust fund by the Utah regional science fair. The funds can be accessed by the recipients of the scholarship on a reimbursement basis for verifiable college or university related expenses at any accredited college or university in the United States. If a group project is chosen for the scholarship, the award will be divided equally between the participants in the group. Symantec reserves the right to not award the scholarship if in its sole determination there are no science fair projects that meet the scholarship requirements.