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Protecting Your Critical Data with Online Storage

November 25, 2008


Regardless of their size, businesses must be able to store, protect, manage, and, if necessary, recover their important business information.
For many small businesses, keeping their data protected from threats, natural disasters, or even simple human error is a growing challenge. Regardless of their size, businesses must be able to store, protect, manage, and, if necessary, recover their important business information. If not, they risk exposing their business to downtime and possibly damaging their reputation.
Generally speaking, traditional data backup and storage options for SMBs have been confined to disk or tape. While these options provide the obvious benefit of keeping critical data separate from the host machines, their shortcomings in reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, and convenience have been increasingly exposed.
Natural disasters are a potential threat not only to physical buildings, but also to the tapes and disks that contain critical backup business data. Another problem with having data backed up on physical mediums stored on your premises is that they could be stolen or misplaced. When an IT disaster strikes, storing data offsite is the only guarantee that the data will remain protected and recoverable.
While companies are under unprecedented pressure to ensure data is secure, searchable, and retrievable in any contingency, resources available to deal with the complexity of securing data have shriveled and few companies can afford the time or resources needed to manage off-site storage.

An integrated backup solution

For SMBs in search of an efficient, manageable, and cost-effective way to protect critical business data, the integration of Symantec Backup Exec with Symantec Online Storage offers the flexibility and additional protection of backing up data offsite to Symantec’s secure data centers for disaster recovery or long-term storage. It also helps address the challenges of tape proliferation and management by relieving IT administrators of the burden of shipping and storing tapes off site. Symantec Online Storage is fully integrated with and managed from the Backup Exec console, thereby giving SMBs with limited resources the ability to easily manage off-site storage.
Current Backup Exec customers can use Symantec Online Storage without the need to learn a new backup process. Once the normal backup is done, the data is automatically compressed and sent to Symantec data centers for storage. There is no limitation on the type of data that can be backed up to the Symantec Protection Network: any data protected with Symantec Backup Exec can be backed up to an off-site location. In addition, to keep information secure every step of the way, data is always encrypted, both while in motion over the LAN or Internet and when at rest in the Symantec Protection Network data centers.

Managing off-site storage

Setting up a backup job with Symantec Online Storage is a straightforward process that requires only a few simple steps:
  • First, open an online account with the Symantec Protection Network using the step-by-step signup process based on the volume of data that your company needs to store.
  • Next, download and install the Symantec Protection Network Connector for Backup Exec on the Symantec Backup Exec Media Server.
After these steps have been completed, a Symantec Online Storage destination appears as a backup target within the Symantec Backup Exec administrator’s console. To bridge the gap between local backups handled by Symantec Backup Exec and off-site protection, the Symantec Online Storage backup location appears as a target device for duplicate set jobs only.
Data recovery from Symantec Online Storage is equally uncomplicated. Since the contents of the data backup can be catalogued, restoration involves simply creating and running a restore job. Restored data can go back to the original location, or it can be redirected to an alternate location.
In today’s business environment, companies are under mounting pressure to ensure data is accessible anytime and anywhere. With only limited IT resources at their disposal, many SMBs are in need of cost-effective and easy-to-manage solutions to protect their critical business data. The integration of Symantec Backup Exec with Symantec Online Storage gives companies the flexibility to use Symantec Backup Exec for local backup to disk or tape and Symantec Online Storage for off-site backup and disaster recovery capabilities. The addition of Symantec Online Storage provides the extra layer of protection that has been missing in the data backup strategies of many SMBs.

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