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Symantec Cluster Server

This product is transitioning to the Veritas InfoScale family. Learn more.

Symantec Cluster Server powered by Veritas keeps your most important applications running 24x7 with no manual intervention and automates your disaster recovery plans with predictable results and efficiency. Cluster Server provides a foolproof solution for detecting risks to application availability and automates the recovery of applications for high availability and disaster recovery.

Customer Success

Orange Business Services

The CIO for one of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies has a clear motto: IT is business. In this compelling feature, he explains how France Telecom-Orange is redefining its infrastructure to drive growth, deliver a superior customer experience and accelerate international development.  View Story

China Everbright Bank Co. Ltd.

To support fast growth, China Everbright Bank sought new ways to maximize uptime for critical services and streamline data protection. It turned to Symantec for solutions. Results include zero incidents of unplanned downtime in four years compared to multiple incidents in the prior environment; a 7x faster recovery time objective; 2x-4x faster backups; and hundreds of hours of annual planned downtime eliminated. View Story

Shanghai Pudong International Container Terminals Co., Ltd.

To centralize management, improve uptime and realize disaster recovery objectives, Shanghai Pudong International Container Terminals, Ltd turned to Symantec for endpoint management and storage management solutions.  View Story

Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac

More than six million passengers pass through Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac in France each year. Passenger management, runway maintenance, the assignment of aircraft positioning, airport access, video surveillance, baggage handling, car parks management?the airport operating company provides all of these services to the on-site businesses View Story


To manage fast growth, AIS deployed data center availability, storage management, archiving, and data protection solutions from Symantec, with support backing from Symantec Partners G-Able Company Limited and MFEC Public Company Limited. View Story


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