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Symantec Desktop Email Encryption

End-to-End email encryption for laptops and desktops

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption provides an end-to-end email encryption solution that automatically encrypts and decrypts email directly between clients without the need to log into a third-party website. Email remains encrypted on internal mail servers or when email is outsourced to the cloud.
Mobile Encryption. Extend the ease and comfort of email encryption to your users' mobile devices.

What are Agents, Options and Add-ons

Add-ons are additional products that work with the original product.


Mobile Encryption

Email encryption for iOS® and Android™

As business users and their devices become more mobile, Symantec's encryption solutions allow users to painlessly send and receive encrypted email from their smartphones and other iOS devices, including the iPad®.
  • Symantec Mobile Encryption for iOS
  • PGP Viewer for Android
  • Android currently only available as an email viewer

Key Features

  • Decrypts both PGP Partition and PGP MIME mail formats
  • Attachments are effortlessly encrypted and decrypted along with the message as normal
  • Access multiple emails in the same session without having to re-unlock the user's key
  • Network connectivity not required for decryption
  • Keys are encrypted and stored safely on mobile devices with a passphrase

Key Benefits

  • Data stays confidential should the device fall into the wrong hands
  • Decrypt messages even when not connected to the network
  • No need to log into web browsers to access content or learn new processes, users continue to use standard device email interfaces as normal

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