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Symantec Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware

This product is transitioning to the Veritas InfoScale family. Learn more.

Symantec Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware provides improved storage I/O performance and availability for VMware ESX attached storage. It increases virtual machine and application availability by rerouting I/Os to available data paths in the event of a failure, and automatically restores failed paths that become healthy. Additionally, Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware integrates into VMware vCenter to provide administrative and monitoring capability within the VMware environment, as well as offering command line management and configuration.

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Dynamic Multi-Pathing

Symantec Dynamic Multi-Pathing powered by Veritas provides improved storage I/O performance and availability across heterogeneous server and storage platforms using intelligent algorithms and load balancing for faster throughput.

Why NetApp for VMware with Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware

Improve I/O performance and data path resilience for VMware environments. Dynamically tune, load balance, and autorepair data paths with increased flexibility and simplified management.

White Papers

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