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Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell

Intelligent Electronic Discovery Software

The Symantec eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell brings transparency and control to the electronic discovery process. From collection to production, our workflow speeds time to resolution, improves accuracy and lowers costs. With better insight and less complexity, the eDiscovery Platform enables you to focus on strategy and create business value.

Customer Success

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation wanted to streamline its ability to produce documents for legal matters, and it turned to a start-to-finish eDiscovery solution from Symantec. Results include the ability of legal staff to produce and manage data without IT assistance, reduced time and cost when reviewing requested information, and cloud storage archiving that saves the cost of adding storage, delivers faster performance, and fosters quick adoption because of an easy-to-use interface. View Story

Barnabas Health

With patient care as the mandate, the Barnabas health IT security team undertook software implementations to ensure that information security needs were met on an ongoing basis. View Story

CMS Derks Star Busmann

CMS Derks Star Busmann deployed the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform from Symantec. Simple and easy to use, this best-in-class eDiscovery solution streamlines and accelerates case assessments and review. Clearwell enables CMS Derks Star Busmann to prevent inadvertent disclosure of non-relevant data to and ultimately meet the NMa regulatory deadline for their client’s privileged review. View Story

Transatlantic Reinsurance

Transatlantic Reinsurance company's IT and legal teams were inundated with manually reviewing tens of thousands of email messages. Clearwell reduced the time needed to analyze email from days to mere minutes, and enabled TRC to refocus resources on more strategic initiatives. View Story

Gnosis S.p.A.

Twenty five thousand dollars. That’s how much Gnosis S.p.A. was fined by the U.S. courts for not submitting false advertising case evidence on time. The Italian biotechnology company principally wasn’t going to be caught out second time around when another case hearing took place. Using the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform from Symantec™, Gnosis was able to reduce the time needed to collect and process case emails and documents from seven months, to just two weeks.  View Story

Community Spotlight

Reduce Redundancy from Your Work

eDiscovery admins are repeatedly being asked to do many things in a small amount of time. Even though technology has made their lives easier, the amount of data and the problems it comes with have consistently grown in the past decade, thereby increasing time spent on manual and repetitive tasks. A smart eDiscovery tool should be able to adapt itself to a...

Posted: 2-Dec-2014 7:26:34 PM