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Encryption Family

  • Easy Audit Compliance with Endpoint Encryption
    Easy Audit Compliance with Endpoint Encryption
    Full-Disk and Removable Media Encryption with Integrated Management.
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  • The Year of the Mega Breach
    The Year of the Mega Breach
    Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Vol 19.
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  • Understanding Email Security
    Understanding Email Security
    Learn which email encryption option is right for your organization.
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  • Balancing Collaboration and Security
    Balancing Collaboration and Security
    Learn how File Share Encryption makes it easy for teams to share sensitive documents safely.
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The PGP Developer Program is for developers that want to leverage the benefits of standards-based PGP encryption to increase the value of their solutions. PGP developers enjoy the advantages of close interaction with PGP experts and other support resources.

Software Development Kit

It has never been easier or more cost effective to add ironclad security to your product offerings. The PGP Software Development Kit (SDK) simplifies the process of integrating PGP encryption technology into custom or off-the-shelf applications and security solutions.
Symantec plans to incorporate PGP SDK access and licensing into Symantec programs such as the Symantec Developer Program and Symantec Technology Enabled Program.

Command Line

Automate the encryption, decryption, signing, and verification of files on a server as part of a batch process or backup procedure. Ideal for financial groups, health care organizations, retail, and other enterprises that back up consumer data or regularly move large amounts of sensitive information between data centers, PGP Command Line easily integrates into existing business processes.