HP Client Manager from Symantec is a FREE hardware management tool for HP client computers that provides in-depth client inventory, driver and utility updating, remote BIOS management, hardware monitoring, diagnostics, and problem resolution. For additional capabilities in application virtualization, deployment and migration, and remote assistance, consider HP Client Manager Essentials. Or if you need comprehensive systems management, you can upgrade to the powerful and fully-compatible Altiris Client Management Suite from Symantec.

Reduce the Cost of Managing HP Computers

HP Client Manager leverages the Symantec Management Console to manage HP and Compaq-branded desktops, notebooks, workstations, and HP Blade PCs, ultimately reducing the cost of owning HP client computers. HP Client Manager provides immediate benefits by minimizing desktop visits to individual systems.
Take advantage of a new web-based console that centralizes HP Client Manager tasks including extensive reporting, alerting, policy driven software delivery, and patch management in order to reduce the time and cost of identifying and fixing problems manually.

Key Features & Benefits

HP Client Manager

  • View fully detailed WMI-based inventory on HP client hardware
  • Monitor client computers and receive hardware alerts at the Symantec Management Console and/or the local computer
  • Intelligently deploy HP system patches, called SoftPaqs, to all HP clients
  • Remotely configure and flash BIOS
  • Manage HP ProtectTools enabled clients

To learn more about HP Client Manager, click here (PDF).

Symantec HP Client Manager Essentials

Symantec HP Client Manager Essentials are management solutions optimized for HP client computers that complement and extend the core hardware management capabilities of HP Client Manager. HP Client Manager Essentials includes solutions for application virtualization, deployment and migration, and remote assistance. Learn more about all three HP Client Manager Essentials solutions.
HP Deployment and Migration Essentials
On-demand delivery and centralized license management to optimize the accessibility, manageability, reliability, and productivity of applications on HP client computers.
HP Workspace Virtualization Essentials
Low-overhead virtualization insulates applications from the OS and one another, for conflict-free execution and simplified administration of applications on HP client computers.
HP Remote Assistance Essentials
Automated hardware, security, and power management for HP business desktop computers.

Altiris Client Management Suite from Symantec

Altiris Client Management Suite further extends HP Client Manager and HP Client Manager Essentials endpoint management capabilities by offering additional functionality including:
Comprehensive Client Discovery and Inventory
Optimize software licenses, better support end users, and reduce costs associated with OS deployments and software rollouts.
Industry Leading Imaging & Deployment
Reduce the time associated with imaging and cloning PCs. Reduce support and maintenance costs by deploying standardized, corporate approved, hardware-independent images.
Intelligent Software and Patch Management
Update software automatically, reliably and remotely.
Flexible Remote Assistance
Reduce the costs and time associated with troubleshooting and remediating client systems remotely.