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Symantec Internet Security Threat Report - 2011

  • Introduction

  • 2011 In Review

  • 2011 In Numbers

  • Executive Summary

  • Safeguarding Secrets: Industrial Espionage in Cyberspace

  • Against the Breach: Securing Trust and Data Protection

  • Consumerization and Mobile Computing: Balancing the Risks and Benefits in the Cloud

  • Spam Activity Trends

  • Malicious Code Trends

  • Closing the Window of Vulnerability: Exploits and Zero-day Attacks

  • Conclusion: What’s Ahead in 2012

Threat Activity Trends

  • Threat Activity Trends

  • Spam and Fraud Activity Trends

  • Malicious Website Activity

  • Analysis of Malicious Web Activity by Attack Toolkits

  • Analysis of Web-based Spyware and Adware Activity

  • Analysis of Web Policy Risks from Inappropriate Use

  • Analysis of Website Categories Exploited to Deliver Malicious Code

  • Bot-infected Computers

  • Analysis of Mobile Threats

  • Data Breaches that Could Lead to Identity Theft

Vulnerability Trends

  • Vulnerability Trends

  • Total Number of Vulnerabilities

  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

  • Notable Zero-day Attacks

  • Web Browser Vulnerabilities

  • Web Browser Plug-in Vulnerabilities

  • Web Attack Toolkits

  • SCADA Vulnerabilities

Malicious Code Trends

  • Malicious Code Trends

  • Top Malicious Code Families

  • Analysis of Malicious Code Activity by Geography, Industry Sector and Company Size

  • Propagation Mechanisms

  • Industrial Espionage: Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

  • TRIAGE Analysis of Targeted Attacks

Spam and Fraud Activity Trends

  • Spam and Fraud Activity Trends

  • Analysis of Spam Activity Trends

  • Analysis of Spam Activity by Geography, Industry Sector and Company Size

  • Analysis of Spam Delivered by Botnets

  • Spam Botnet Analysis – A Strategic Viewpoint

  • Significant Spam Tactics

  • Spam by Language

  • Spam by Category

  • Future Spam Trends: BGP Hijacking

  • Phishing Activity Trends

  • Analysis of Phishing Activity by Geography, Industry Sector and Company Size

Americas (AMS) - North America & Latin America

  • The Americas Region - Introduction

  • AMS Malicious Activity by Geography

  • AMS Attack Origin by Country

  • AMS Top Malicious Code Samples

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

  • Introduction

  • EMEA Malicious Activity by Geography

  • Attack Origin by Country

  • Top Malicious Code Samples

Best Practices

  • Best Practice Guidelines for Businesses

  • Best Practice Guidelines for Consumers