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Special Report

A Window into Mobile Device Security

Special report on the security approaches employed in Apple's iOS and Google's Android

With so many consumer mobile devices finding their way into companies, CIOs and CISOs are facing a trial by fire. Every day, more employees are using these mobile devices to access corporate services, view corporate data and conduct business.
Complicating matters, many of these devices are not controlled by IT meaning that sensitive company data on these devices is not subject to the enterprise’s existing compliance, security and DLP policies. Additionally, employees use their mobile devices to connect to and synch with an entire ecosystem of supporting cloud and PC-based services as well as their personal computers. The implication? Corporate information is being stored in a variety of locations outside the direct control of the company.
This paper analyzes the security models of the two most popular mobile platforms used today, Android and iOS, and explains the security implications of each as their adoption grows – outside and inside of enterprises.
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