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Symantec Traffic Shaper powered by Brightmail

Symantec Traffic Shaper powered by Brightmail (formerly Symantec Brightmail Traffic Shaper) reduces spam volume up to 80% by stopping spam at the source which significantly lowers mail infrastructure costs. Coupled with any antispam solution, including Symantec Messaging Gateway and Symantec Message Filter, it gives Service Providers a comprehensive multi‐layered approach to combat spam that is easy to deploy and manage.

Key Features

  • Reduces up to 70% overall email volume and up to 80% spam volume
  • A single appliance handles up to 750,000 user accounts and processes thousands of messages a second, depending on message size
  • Unique patented technology that shapes traffic at the TCP/IP level to decrease QOS to spammers
  • Combines with any antispam gateway solution to provide a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to combat spam

Key Benefits

  • Stops spam before it enters the network
  • Reduces mail infrastructure costs such as MTAs, storage, and internal mail servers
  • Reduces operation costs and network overhead
  • Increases bandwidth availability for legitimate email
  • Easy to install, compatible with any messaging server, and operates transparently in the network


  • 1-800-745-6054