Solutions for Insurance


Solutions for Insurance

As both P&C and life insurers recover from the current economic crisis, institutions are prioritizing cutting costs and improving business processes – and technology will continue to play a major role in these transformations. From rationalizing the number of policy administrative systems to data center consolidation, companies look to IT for efficiencies gains from existing investments as well as an infrastructure to deliver greater transparency and enterprise-wide risk management capabilities.
Symantec solutions help insurers deliver a consolidated strategy to protect and manage their data across different policy and back-office systems to reduce IT costs and improve operational risk.

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The Insider Angle on Data Protection

David Aflak, Senior Manager of Production Services at eSurance, discusses a topic that is top-of-mind for all security professionals: how to protect confidential information and prevent data breaches--specifically from the well meaning insider who inadvertently puts company or organization data at risk--as well as tips for safeguarding data exposed on servers and desktops and creating a company or organization culture that is aware of data security.