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Business Challenge: Email Migration


Email migration involves moving email from one system to another, usually more-efficient, email system.


  • Handling the complexity of email server migrations
  • Managing enhanced server consolidation that creates service level agreement (SLA) challenges for backup and restore
  • Needing more data management as additional file types, such as voicemails, are being archived
  • Optimizing storage with email storage, which is growing at an unprecedented rate
  • Storage optimization is a key issue with email storage growing at an average rate of 35% annually
Email Migration
This email migration solution automates movement and retention of unstructured information to improve performance, scale, and manageability of applications. It also reduces the risk and costs associated with providing transparent end-user access, efficient e-discovery and optimizing storage.
  • Reduce size of message stores significantly, which means less active content to migrate
  • Enable server and user consolidation by ensuring information stores are small and manageable
  • Enhance mail system performance while addressing end-user frustrations with email quotas
  • Optimize storage utilization by archiving with intelligent classification, single-instancing and compression of archived files
  • Implement a common storage model and deduplicate your data to reduce storage requirements