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Veritas Risk Advisor

Formerly known as Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor, Veritas Risk Advisor automatically detects and reports on risks (of data loss and application downtime) and sub-optimality in the IT infrastructure. It agentlessly scans systems across data centers and draws on a database of nearly 6,000 issues to help raise system availability & data protection, and supports optimization of the infrastructure for aspects such as performance and resource utilization, by providing prioritized guidance for remediating the identified issues.

Key Features

  • Agent-less and automatic scan of high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure.
  • Gap knowledge base with nearly 6,000 risk signatures out-of-the-box to detect potential risks.
  • Automatically sends notification tickets to the system management console allowing proactive risk mitigation.
  • Risk reporting that includes risk details and locations can be tuned to individual environments.
  • Integration with customer preferred system management and ticketing consoles for management and operational ease.
  • User-defined, granular role configurations for management interface view.
  • Distributed architecture for enterprise scalability and performance.
  • Optional module Veritas Risk Advisor – SAN Analyzer

Key Benefits

  • Helps businesses meet critical RPO and RTO Service Level Agreements by reducing risks to business continuity.
  • Holistic view of infrastructure takes account of dependencies to highlight risks in priority order.
  • Ability to identify SAN-specific risks e.g. path/ HBA mis-configurations or single points of failure in fabric.
  • Agent-less implementation makes it non-disruptive to production environment.
  • Scan frequencies can be scheduled based on business needs, reducing data center intrusiveness.
  • Gap knowledge base updates are automatic, requiring no manual intervention.
  • Improves performance by highlighting underutilized storage space, unused copies of storage volumes, database entities and replication configuration changes.
  • One management server scales to thousands of monitored servers across multiple data centers.
  • Single, consolidated view of disaster recovery readiness with easy deployment, management and maintenance.


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