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Business Newsletter Subscription

News for the IT Professional

Symantec offers, News for the IT Professional, a monthly English e-newsletter for IT professionals from medium and large organizations in the Caribbean, who opt-in. Subscribers will receive news about the latest IT Trends, links to useful resources about Security, Storage, Information Management, and much more. Subscribe today.

Why Subscribe

Get the latest relevant news about Symantec that impact your marketplace through a monthly electronic publication that delivers information and links to the most important IT resources.
Although it occasionally includes technical information, it is a business newsletter targeting a diverse audience, from System Administrators, to IT Directors and CIOs. Stay up-to-date with technological developments and information from the leader in Security Management, Data Protection and Business Critical Information Availability.
Note: Symantec Latin America has the commitment to continuously improve the relevance of the content offered based on the subscriber preference.

View a sample of our newsletter here

How to Subscribe

Step 1

Login to SymAccount using your username (e-mail address) and password or create an account.
Step 1

Step 2

Once you are logged to SymAccount, select the communication options of your preference. Make sure that the Enterprise eNews ("Symantec General Newsletter") subscription box is checked. It will be delivered in English, with content that is relevant to the country and region where you work.
Step 2
Note: Your SymAccount allows you to not only manage your subscriptions to different Symantec communication options but also lets you
  • Download specific informational materials and trialware.
  • Join Symantec Connect
  • Request a call from Enterprise Sales to inquire about products and services offered by Symantec.
If you are already part of Symantec Connect or downloaded trialware in the past, you do have a SymAccount and can use the password recovery feature in the login page.
Advice: when creating a SymAccount, avoid using free e-mail accounts. Instead, use your corporate e-mail address to make sure it is included in the distribution list of all communication options you want to subscribe. Add the e-mail address symantec_communications-LAM@symantec-corporation.com to your e-mail client safe senders list.

How to Unsubscribe Confident Insights

To unsubscribe, use one of the options bellow:

  • 1. Login to your SymAccount and uncheck the communication option “Enterprise eNews” ("Symantec General Newsletter").
  • 2. Or open a Business Newsletter that you have received from Symantec and click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.
  • 3. If the automatic unsubscribe process fails, please write to comentarios@symantec.com from the e-mail address you want to remove from the distribution list, mentioning the Enterprise eNews or any other communication option you wish to unsubscribe. Your request will be fulfilled in less than 10 business days.

Other Subscriptions Options

Symantec also offers in SymAccountopt-in and opt-out to other types of communication. If you are a current Symantec client or attended a Symantec event, it is possible that you are already receiving this type of e-mails. To unsubscribe, use the options described in the tab How to Unsubscribe. Additional communication options:

  • General Marketing Offers: including product launch announcements, discount promotions, whitepapers, analyst studies and Symantec reports, exclusive offers and promotions from the Symantec Small Business Online Store, among other offers.

Note: Your SymAccount does not allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe from Norton communications. To do that you need to access your Norton Account.

Symantec Privacy Policy and Compliance with Antispam Regulation

As the world leader in Internet security technology, Symantec understands your desire to protect your personal information. Symantec respects your preoccupation about your private information and values the relation it has with you. Learn more about the Symantec Privacy Policy. Additionally, Symantec offers automated unsubscribe options.
For more information about Symantec's Privacy Policy, you can write to Symantec's Privacy Department at privacy@symantec.com



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If you have suggestions and need to contact Symantec's Latin America Online Marketing team, please send your message to comentarios@symantec.com.