Norton AntiSpam Privacy Policy

Effective: September 13, 2010

Last Updated: August 15, 2011

What is Norton AntiSpam?

Norton AntiSpam keeps your mailbox clean from spam e-mails. It filters out unwanted email to make online communications safer and more enjoyable. It uses the same technology that many large businesses rely on to effectively block unwanted, dangerous, and fraudulent emails.

When using Norton AntiSpam, you can choose to send certain misclassified email messages received by you to Symantec to report the messages as spam or as incorrectly identified by as spam.

What data is collected by Symantec through Norton AntiSpam?

When you send email messages through Norton AntiSpam to Symantec to report the messages as spam or as incorrectly identified as spam, Symantec receives and collects the data contained in your email messages. These email messages may contain personally identifiable information. The email messages will be sent to Symantec through Norton AntiSpam only with your permission, and will not be sent automatically.

How will Symantec use the misclassified e-mails I send?

If you send such messages to Symantec through Norton AntiSpam, Symantec will use them only for the purpose of improving the detection ability of Symantec’s antispam technology. Symantec will not correlate these email messages, or any data contained in them, with any other personally identifiable information. Symantec will analyze them in order to improve the detection ability of Symantec’s antispam technology to provide better protection to Symantec customers in the future.

Symantec may disclose the collected data if asked to do so by a law enforcement official as required or permitted by law or in response to a subpoena or other legal process. In order to promote awareness, detection and prevention of Internet security risks proliferated through spam, Symantec may share certain data with research organizations and other security software vendors. Symantec may also use statistics derived from the information to track and publish reports on spam and security risk trends.

How does Symantec store the e-mails submitted through Norton Antispam?

Any stored data will be stored in a secure manner, and will not be correlated with any personally identifiable information. Symantec does not aggregate the data collected by Norton AntiSpam with any data, contact lists, or subscription information that is collected by Symantec for promotional purposes.

The collected data may be transferred to the Symantec group in the United States or other countries that may have less protective data protection laws than the region in which you are situated (including the European Union), but Symantec has taken steps so that the collected data, if transferred, receives an adequate level of protection.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with the response from Symantec to your inquiries regarding your right to privacy, you can contact TRUSTe.

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