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Symantec's Mobile Center of Excellence: Advanced Protection for Mobile Endpoints

October 9, 2007


Mobile devices play an increasingly vital role in today’s business, and they frequently contain a wealth of sensitive information. Symantec offers protection for these devices that extends well beyond antivirus to address the new attack vectors that threaten mobile computing.


Today's mobile devices contain a vast amount of sensitive and confidential information. As a result, lost phones are a real problem for companies and consumers alike, exposing both to data disclosure on multiple levels. To better protect these mobile endpoints, Symantec has launched the Mobile Center of Excellence. In conjunction with strategic partner Ericsson, the Center drives the industry's best thought leadership and innovation forward for mobile networks, device protection, and product capabilities.

Protection beyond antivirus

Devices such as PDAs and Windows-based smartphones represent the new computing platform, one that is becoming standard for both businesses and consumers. But the increasing prevalence of these devices exposes them to new attack vectors that are more damaging and discreet than previous threats. Symantec's Mobile Center of Excellence provides protection for mobile devices that extends beyond just antivirus.

New attacks

Symantec mobile security solutions address such new attack vectors as "snoopware" and "pranking4profit." Snoopware is a Symantec-coined term for mobile spyware that remotely places a phone into diagnostic mode, then activates the microphone to monitor conversations. Pranking4profit attacks result in theft by accessing premium mobile SMS payments.

Paths to mobile security

Symantec has allocated extensive research and development resources to understanding and mitigating these new security threats to mobile devices. The resulting solutions are intended to offer peace of mind to businesses and consumers alike:
  • Global mobile device monitoring. This state-of-the-art solution, through Symantec Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and in conjunction with third-party Mobile Device Management Systems (MDM), provides mobile device monitoring and administration.
  • Mobile Endpoint Security Suite. This software leverages MDMs from leading vendors to roll out its installation package, send down new configurations, and collect log events if an administrator chooses to do so. The Suite also enables companies to conduct loss mitigation techniques such as "wipe and kill" to protect any proprietary information on lost or stolen phones.


Symantec's total offering provides a comprehensive "Defense-in-Depth" solution that includes network and device protection, mobile device loss mitigation, and global monitoring through its SOCs. Partnering with Symantec can give your clients peace of mind when using their mobile devices and ensures that only secure devices can access the network and related services. It's one more way that Symantec can help deliver confidence in a connected world.

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