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The Best Defense is a Layered Defense

July 29, 2008


Employing multi-tier, integrated solutions will help lower operating costs and reduce security risk.


New online threats to your small or mid-sized business are constantly being introduced, and existing ones keep changing, evolving, and morphing. Each year, there has been a marked increase in the number of new threats being introduced. According to the Symantec Internet Threat Report, Volume XIII, 711,912 new threats were detected in 2007, compared to 125,243 in 2006 – an increase of 468%. Launching successful attacks can be a very profitable endeavor – and that has spawned more malicious code authors, and more organizations employing programmers with the sole intent of producing malicious code.
While the dynamic Internet threat landscape can seem daunting, businesses often perceive the following as barriers to obtaining the necessary IT security:
  • Endpoint management costs: The costs to acquire, license, manage and administer separate point products are increasing.
  • Complex security technology: Managing disparate endpoint protection technologies can be complex and time consuming.
  • Smarter threats: Today's Internet threats can be very sophisticated and stealth-based, requiring businesses to employ much more than antivirus protection.

Evolving spam

According to Symantec's July 2008 Spam Monthly Report, 80% of all email today is spam. Managing and protecting a business from that kind of volume places a significant strain on the network, budgets, and employee productivity. Spam continues to take on new forms to evade filters and has an ever-growing impact on affected systems. Imaging spam and PDF spam are just the latest techniques used to funnel spam into unsuspecting inboxes.
Now, for some good news: there are easy and cost-effective ways to protect against malware, viruses and spam.

Endpoints demand security

With business network perimeters all but disappearing, endpoints now demand greater security. According to Forrester senior analyst Natalie Lambert, "It's all about the endpoint now because we've become more mobile, and can't be sure that we'll be behind a firewall any more." Lambert added that businesses should treat every endpoint as "its own little infrastructure, with its network access control, its own firewall, its own encryption, its own data leak protection."
Wondering how to address all of the security needs of endpoints?
  • Start with antivirus and antispyware signature-based protection.
  • Employ intrusion prevention to analyze application behaviors, and network communications to detect and block suspicious activities.
  • Device and application control should be used to deny specific device and application activities deemed as high risk for your business.
Email also requires its own set of specific security technology in order to keep threats at bay. Integrated antispam and antivirus, as well as content filtering technology are at the top of the list of mail protection needs.

The right mix

Integrated solutions can mean big savings for businesses – not only in terms of licensing and administrative costs, but also in terms of providing a more unified front against threats, lessening the chance of downtime. In terms of how you can protect your business from malware, viruses and spam, Symantec Multi-tier Protection Small Business Edition includes both endpoint and email protection – and consists of separate point products that are sold together as a bundle to offer you a cost savings. Everything works together seamlessly, protecting your business from today's most sophisticated threats. Here's what's included:
Symantec Endpoint Protection seamlessly integrates world-class antivirus and Brightmail-based Symantec Premium AntiSpam protection with firewall, intrusion prevention, device and application control. This multilayered approach lowers risks and gives you the confidence that your confidential information and business assets are protected.
Symantec AntiVirus for Windows Mobile, Linux, and Macintosh is available to provide comprehensive protection against malicious threats that target Windows Mobile, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.
Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange protects mail from virus threats and security risks while enforcing internal policies on Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007 servers.
Symantec Premium Antispam seamlessly integrates Brightmail-based antispam technology with Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange to protect mail against spam and phishing with 97% effectiveness and 99.9999% accuracy.

Complex protection made simple

In spite of the daunting threat landscape, most small businesses have limited time and money to spend on security solutions. IT staffs are already strained, and keeping up with the latest threats can be tedious if not automated. However, employing multi-tier, integrated solutions will help lower operating costs and reduce security risk. Symantec Multi-tier Protection Small Business Edition solutions will fit into your existing environment and are easy to manage, allowing you to safeguard your business against malware, viruses and spam.

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