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Fast and Easy Granular Recovery Technology for Exchange

August 26, 2008


As the reliance on email data increases, so does the need to protect it. Symantec's granular recovery technology can significantly reduce the time and resources spent backing up and recovering data.


Small and mid-sized businesses face many challenges today, not the least of which is protecting a growing amount of Windows application data. As the complexity of, and reliance upon, application data grows, the lack of a reliable recovery solution can spell disaster. Historically, backups and restores have been complicated processes that consume valuable and already over-extended IT resources. If this sounds familiar, read on to learn how you can eliminate the pain you've come to associate with these processes.

A tedious process

As businesses rely more heavily on email, the amount of email data being created and the need to protect it grows exponentially. Businesses must not only find a way to continually protect email data, but they must be able to quickly recover a specific email when necessary.
Up until now, backup and recovery procedures have been arduous, requiring multiple agents and multiple backups. For example, here is the 'old school' process for recovering individual emails on an Exchange server:
  • First, a full database backup must be done to enable a full recovery of the Exchange server
  • Next, a 'brick-level' backup must also be run – and this process can take up to four times longer than the initial Exchange backup
  • Lastly, incremental backups of both the database and the mailbox must be done each night
The problem with this scenario? Multiple backups lead to massive storage and time consumption, which can be a nightmare to manage.
Here is another situation that further illustrates the shortcomings of the traditional Exchange backup and recovery procedures. Let's say for legal reasons you are required to produce (within 24 hours) an email that was sent three years ago. You know it is located somewhere inside the 5TB of data you have backed up in the tape library. So you have it – but it's going to take you a lot longer than 24 hours to locate and recover it. Your recovery solution may have the data, but there is no way you can meet your recovery deadline.

An easy solution

Symantec's patent-pending granular recovery technology (GRT) eliminates the pain from the recovery process. Exclusive to Symantec Backup Exec 12, GRT enables businesses to recover critical data in mere seconds for key Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory from a single interface.
Now, any piece of Exchange data needed (including individual emails, folders, or mailboxes) can be quickly recovered without doing time-consuming mailbox backups. GRT simply performs a single-pass database backup, and supports local, remote, or removable backup to disk backups. It's easy to customize the technology according to your needs – for instance, when it's time to make room for new backups, old backups can be archived or offloaded to tape. Also, the Exchange administrator can browse a backup set just like browsing Exchange and select the items to restore, even down to the individual email.


To date, backup and recovery solutions have been tedious, time consuming, and hard to manage. With Symantec's granular recovery technology, application data can be recovered in seconds. Take some time to investigate this technology, and you will see how it can help avoid downtime and wasted storage space.

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