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Symantec File Share Encryption

File and folder encryption with policy enforcement to enable team collaboration and cloud sharing

Symantec File Share Encryption allows users and groups to automatically or manually encrypt files and folders on laptops, desktops, and file servers for secure file sharing. Files and folders can be automatically encrypted based on policy or manually using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
File Share Encryption for iOS® Access encrypted files and folders stored to Dropbox on your iOS devices with Files Share Encryption for iOS. Click the Add-On section below to learn more.

Key Features

  • Automation - File encryption can be set to automatically encrypt files from specified applications or set folders, including Dropbox.
  • User Friendly - Users can easily encrypt files manually by dropping files into folders specified for encryption or by right-clicking files and selecting which user or group keys to encrypt to.
  • Role Separation - Role separation is supported by enforcing different permission levels for users, data owners, and administrators.
  • Integration - Optional integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention allows organizations to automatically encrypt sensitive data found on network drives.
  • Management - Integrated management includes:
  • Automated key management and policy controls synched with Active Directory or LDAP
  • Extensive reporting and logging
  • Multiple recovery options

Key Benefits

  • Secure Sharing - Enables users to read, write, and share encrypted files across their organization internally and in the cloud via Dropbox without impacting productivity.
  • Key Ownership - Enables administrators to provide owner-based content encryption for files and folders while maintaining organizational control over encryption keys and policies.
  • Security in Transit - By embedding encryption into the file or folder, it can be moved without losing its protection, ensuring authorized access only by those with appropriate permissions.
  • Scalability - Administration can be simplified by adding other Symantec Encryption solutions to the management console without additional integration.