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Encryption Family

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  • Easy Audit Compliance with Endpoint Encryption
    Easy Audit Compliance with Endpoint Encryption
    Full-Disk and Removable Media Encryption with Integrated Management.
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  • The Year of the Mega Breach
    The Year of the Mega Breach
    Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Vol 19.
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  • Understanding Email Security
    Understanding Email Security
    Learn which email encryption option is right for your organization.
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  • Balancing Collaboration and Security
    Balancing Collaboration and Security
    Learn how File Share Encryption makes it easy for teams to share sensitive documents safely.
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Customer Success

Athens International Airport S.A.

Athens International Airport, S.A. (AIA) is continually innovating to ensure the 16 million passengers that travel through the major European hub every year receive a consistently reliable and secure experience. One of the major steps the airport has taken in this regard is data encryption. Using the extensible PGP encryption technologies from Symantec, AIA is defending confidential data throughout its operations, encrypting email messages, shared files, data on laptops, and other mobile endpoint devices.

BestCom Infotech Corporation

BestCom Infotech Corporation needed to solidify its data security practices to ensure compliance with Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Symantec helped the company develop security policies and deploy data loss prevention and email encryption solutions. Results include minimizing risky employee behaviors, blocking transmission of emails that violate data security policies, easing executives’ concerns about punishment under PDPA, and achieving payback in projected time of 18 months.

Bournemouth Borough Council

The Bournemouth Borough Council in the town of Bournemouth in Dorset, England maintains a great deal of personal information about residents, students, and taxes. To meet UK legislation for secure communications the Council chose PGP Universal Gateway Email. The PGP solution was flexible enough to meet the diverse requirements of the Council’s various agencies and their technology solutions.

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

Symantec’s Mobile Management and Data Loss Prevention provide secure device management and integrated mobile protection for Broadridge Financial Solutions, allowing the company to maintain its stringent security policy amongst a proliferation of devices in their mobile ecosystem.

CapitalSource Inc.

To ensure quality processes that enhance compliance and minimize risk, CapitalSource Inc. turned to Symantec for solutions that protect its information, infrastructure, and transactions. Results include eDiscovery in hours instead of days or weeks, hundreds of gigabytes reclaimed by automated email retention and deletion enforcement, and a broad array of risks successfully minimized to date by encryption and protection solutions.

Carrington Holding Company

Looking to streamline, integrate, and build their security infrastructure, Carrington turned to Symantec solutions. The Company takes a proactive stance with their security, leveraging Symantec Managed Security Services to help them stay there. With Real-time threat management and rapid incident response and resolution, Carrington stays scalable. Symantec solutions not only help Carrington protect their sensitive data but also improved efficiencies, supported virtualization, provided fast recovery, reduced Exchange stores and enhanced performance.

Continuum Health Partners, Inc.

Continuum Health Partners, Inc. in New York City, comprised of four distinguished hospitals—Beth Israel, Roosevelt, St. Luke’s, and NY Eye & Ear Infirmary—must keep data available, secure its systems, and make sure that protected health information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. To keep its IT infrastructure healthy, Continuum relies on data protection, archiving, eDiscovery, and endpoint and messaging security solutions from Symantec.

CSR Israel

Best-in-class, integrated security and data protection all from one vendor. That is how CSR Israel sums up the value of the relationship with Symantec. The unified technologies have led to a 3-fold reduction in consumption, faster Exchange backups, and increased productivity.

Lansky Ganzger & Partner

Lansky, Ganzger & Partner standardized on a comprehensive array of integrated, best-in-class Symantec technologies to meet its most pressing information security challenges. By partnering with Symantec, and the IT consulting partner Bechtle, this dynamic Austrian law firm is safeguarding confidential data from threats, enabling teams of legal professionals to work with confidence in a mobile environment, and streamlining the way technology is provisioned and managed.

State of Nevada Public Employees’ Benefits Program

The State of Nevada Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBP) is responsible for providing medical and dental benefits for all of the state’s employees and retirees, as well as their dependents. The agency wanted to strengthen compliance with HIPAA and encrypt email messages containing protected health information (PHI). It turned to an integrated data loss prevention, messaging security, and encryption solution from Symantec and Symantec Specialist Partner Aurora Systems Consulting, to enhance security for email communications.