Appliance Support Services

Symantec Appliance Support Services help keep your systems up and running and your staff working efficiently by providing you with access to a team of experts and support resources.
Key Benefits:
  • Access to Symantec engineers for hardware issues
  • Innovative and comprehensive support technology.
  • 24x7 access to the latest updates and patches – available at any time from any location.

Symantec AutoSupport

Symantec AutoSupport simplifies and enhances the appliance support experiences through continuous monitoring, expediting issue resolution, and automating the support process.
It proactively monitors your appliance environments, detects potential issues, and automatically processes alerts to expedite the issue resolution in your appliance environments. Simplify, automate, and improve your appliance support experiences by enabling AutoSupport on your appliances. Learn more about AutoSupport for appliances and how it minimizes appliance downtime, improves reliability and serviceability, and enables customer self-service.
Key Benefits:
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Improved reliability and serviceability
  • Proactive monitoring of appliance heath and performance
  • Automated support process for expedited issue resolution
  • Expedited resolution through guided work flow


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Solution Overview: Symantec AutoSupport for Appliances

This solution overview document provides you more information on different components of Symantec AutoSupport – Call Home, Secure Operations and My Appliance portal. Learn more about how AutoSupport provides proactive monitoring and automates support for your appliances.

FAQ: Symantec AutoSupport

Refer to this FAQ to learn how to enable AutoSupport on your appliances, what type of data is collected by AutoSupport, how to register your appliances and other technical details.

Video: How to Enable AutoSupport on Appliances

This ‘how-to’ video explains the AutoSupport framework, its components, and detailed steps involved in enabling AutoSupport on Symantec Appliances.


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