2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Vol 20
Symantec data and analysis on the 2014 threat landscape
Our Commitment To Security Around the World
Symantec’s mission is to make the world a safer place by delivering unmatched visibility and insights to customers and partners, and by adopting a holistic security approach to security. Our leading technologies, Global Intelligence Network (GIN), and cyber threat experts are here to help you build custom security solutions—on premises, in the cloud, and everywhere data travels.
The Building Blocks of Unified Security

Threat Protection

Advanced attackers targeted five out of six large companies in 2014 (read the report here). Attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities more rapidly than companies can defend against them. IT teams need improved detection tools to identify advanced persistent threats without wasting time on false positives. Our Global Intelligence Network and leading Threat Protection technologies across endpoints, email, and data centers provide one of the most comprehensive sources of security intelligence in the world, to help you respond to threats with precision.

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Cyber Security Services

Protecting your business from cyber threats requires skilled experts trained in cyber defense. Hiring and training a qualified cyber workforce can be challenging. Symantec has a global team of security professionals, research analysts, and incident responders who will partner with you to secure your organization. Our Cyber Security Services organization becomes an extension of your team, bringing security experience and knowledge to help your team build readiness plans, prioritize incidents, minimize detection and response times, reduce operational costs, and enable compliance.

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Information Protection

The changing workforce has transformed the number of personal devices accessing data in the corporate environment. Corporate data is everywhere—in the cloud, on the network, on mobile devices, and in motion—causing increased complexity and risk for IT, especially when inside and outside threats easily bypass firewalls. We need a new strategy. With Symantec, you can deploy policies seamlessly across cloud, mobile, and on-premise. Our technologies arm you with the tools required to build the right level of control policies, and protect data and identities wherever they reside.

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Website Security

Your website is your digital storefront, communication channel, and brand experience. Protection is critical. Symantec delivers non-stop security for your data-in-transit (via server or SSL/TLS certificates), because your site's availability and compliance—and your customers’ trust—matters. Protection doesn’t stop there. Symantec Code Signing and Secure App Services help you move your business forward with safe downloads of code and apps, even from browsers and mobile devices.

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Veritas Information Management

Harness the power of your information through leading solutions in backup, availability, and information insights.

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