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October 4, 2012 Cheri McGuire, Vice President of Global Government Affairs & Cybersecurity Policy, delivered a plenary speech at the 2012 Budapest Conference on Cyberspace. Opening the session on “Policy Implications and Drivers of Cyber Capacity Building,” Cheri spoke about “Advancing Critical Information Infrastructure Protection through Public Private Partnership.” Alongside Ministers from Albania, Finland, France, India, Poland, Russia, and the United Kingdom, her presentation addressed the cyber threat landscape, highlighting cybercrime and targeted attacks, and the imperative for public-private cooperation to address cybersecurity. She also discussed a number of successful public-private partnership models and how these may be used as proof points around the world for collective cyber defense and cooperation initiatives.
Hosted by the Hungarian Government, the 2012 Budapest Conference on Cyberspace was the first conference to follow on the 2011 London Conference on Cyberspace. More than 600 attendees, including over 60 governments, as well as industry and civil society, participated in the event focusing on ways to make the Internet safer and more secure. The next conference will be held in Seoul, Korea in October 2013.