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Related Activities Fran Rosch Testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee on Data BreachFebruary 4, 2014 Fran Rosch, Senior Vice President, User Protection and Productivity, provided expert testimony Tuesday on data security and data breaches before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee at a hearing titled "Privacy in the Digital Age: Preventing Data Breaches and Combating Cybercrime." Other witnesses on the panel included Target, Neiman Marcus and the Consumers Union.

In his testimony, Rosch highlighted the importance of deploying a modern security suite to protect against evolving threats and that advanced security is much more than simple anti-virus (AV). He stressed that AV software should be part of any security program but is just one element, and that even moderately sophisticated malware can slip past systems only using AV. Strong security is layered security, and complex organizations need both basic computer hygiene and AV software, together with comprehensive protection that includes intrusion protection, reputation-based security, behavioral-based blocking and data loss prevention tools.

The senators appreciated his testimony and pointed to Symantec's new special report "Attacks on Point of Sale Systems" as a guide and best practice. Testifying at such a high-profile hearing showed thought leadership on security and public policy, and allowed Symantec to provide recommendations as Congress considers legislation for a national data breach notification standard. Symantec previously testified in 2010 and 2013 on data breach issues. Media coverage of the hearing was significant, as this was Target's first Congressional appearance since the December breach.