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Symantec extends deal with Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team confirms continuation of deal with Symantec as preferred technology partner in 2012, taking the partner relationship beyond 15 years. Symantec products continue to be utilised at the team’s Enstone base and Symantec branding will feature on the Lotus F1 Team’s E20 cars.
Lotus F1 Team is proud to confirm the continuation of its deal with Symantec as technology partner. Symantec’s backup, archiving, high availability, data and messaging security and IT compliance solutions will continue to be employed at the team’s Enstone base.

Ensuring that a car functions well, is aerodynamic and fuel efficient, is just one element of a long and complex process for Lotus F1 Team. With a commercial side too – resulting in the production of large volumes of data and consequently in business processing requirements – the agreement between Lotus F1 team and Symantec means that the team’s business critical information will be managed effectively, efficiently and securely.

The agreement marks the continuation of a long-standing relationship that began with a simple data back–up solution and has grown to a portfolio of services numbering in the tensi, and now includes cloud-based functionality as well as on-premise software. Lotus F1 Team can now also spearhead the move to virtual and mobile computing, based on Symantec’s solutions, in a market that requires the management and protection of data that is being accessed across the globe.

Symantec branding also features on this season’s car, the E20, as a highlight of a relationship which first began with the Enstone-based team in its Benetton incarnation.

Patrick Louis, Chief Executive Officer, Lotus F1 Team: “For Lotus F1 Team to be able to count on a proven technology partner such as Symantec is vital to our success. The longevity of this relationship speaks volumes of the value both partners place in each other. For us to be able to deliver on track as a team it is crucial that we have a solid and stable technological infrastructure and Symantec delivers this. Their approach brings us significant cost savings associated with IT operational efficiencies, productivity gains, and green energy which all give us an edge against our opposition. There are exciting times ahead for our team; we are proud that Symantec are on board for the ride.”

John Brigden, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Symantec: “This marks the continuation of a long-standing personal and professional relationship and we are delighted to confirm the extension of such a productive partnership. IT is a critical business driver for Lotus F1 Team, with much reliance on rapidly changing data and a requirement for an infrastructure that allows this to be protected, managed and accessed in real time. To work with a world class team like Lotus F1 Team to provide a comprehensive portfolio of security, availability and data management solutions is a concrete demonstration of our continued innovation in the field of information protection and also of Symantec’s commitment to its customers.”