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Symantec looks to sustainability at Vision EMEA

Symantec is committed to fulfilling its core purpose of securing and managing the information-driven world with full attention to and respect for ethical operation, the environment, and positive societal impact. As such, Symantec regards sustainability as both imperative for responsible operation, and an opportunity to improve business performance, including the way it plans and runs its conferences and events. As a consequence, Symantec’s Vision 2012 conference has been designed to incorporate elements that raise awareness of issues relating to climate change and environmental protection.

Among the different initiatives incorporated into Vision, which takes place from 13th to 15th November in Barcelona, Spain, Symantec has chosen suppliers with strong sustainability commitment, including the conference venue, the CCIB, which focuses on operating sustainably. The company has implemented a recycling programme and will work to minimise printed materials during the conference, providing a mobile app with all event information for attendees. Symantec has also ensured that signage, expo showcase booths, banners, decorative materials and carpets, are made from more sustainable materials and can be reused, recycled or donated as much as possible.

Throughout Vision, Symantec will be supporting the global children’s initiative Plant-for-the-Planet, which aims to raise awareness of and respond to the issue of climate change. In addition to making a donation to Plant-for-the-Planet, Symantec is supporting educational training days, where the children will learn about issues relating to climate through group work and presentations, and also learn how to prepare and present these ideas to the public in a confident and exciting way.

Plant-for-the-Planet, together with the CCIB, the City of Barcelona and Symantec will also planted a symbolic tree in front of the conference venue on November 13th at 13:00, to raise awareness on the need for more environmentally-friendly practices.

More information is available on Symantec's Corporate Responsibility on the company’s Corporate Responsibility Website, and on Symantec’s approach and steady progresses in the 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report.