As a world leader in information security, Symantec understands your desire to protect personal information. For this reason, Symantec's corporate policies are designed to protect our customers and partners.


Every year, billions of dollars are lost to software piracy, which is the illegal distribution and/or copying of software for personal and/or business use. Pirating software is stealing, and that makes prices go up. The more revenue that's lost because of stolen goods, the less that can be spent on research and development of new products and new innovations. Learn how you can help Symantec battle piracy.


Learn about copyrights, trademarks, warranties & disclaimers, submissions, linking guidelines, compliance with laws, and more.

Product License Agreements

Symantec products are not sold; rather, copies of Symantec products are licensed all the way through the distribution channel to the end user. Find the End User License Agreement for the Symantec product you are using.