Norton Consumer Privacy Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens to the information I provide when I purchase Norton products?

When you buy a Norton product in our online store, the information you provide to us is used to complete the purchase and to provide you with the software or the service you have requested. The information is stored in a Norton Account, where you can access information about all your purchases and all relevant license keys. You can update all information in your Norton Account at any time.

2. What happens to my billing and credit card information?

When you provide your billing and credit card information, that data is also added to your Norton Account and is used to pay for your purchase and to pay for the auto-renewal of your subscription or license, if you are enrolled in the auto-renewal program.

3. Can I modify the credit card in my Norton Account?

You can always modify the credit card in your Norton Account, either directly from the account or if you use a different card for a new purchase.

4. Can I have more than one card in my Norton Account?

Norton Account only allows for one billing profile. Therefore if you use a different card for a new purchase, that card will be added to your Norton Account and will be charged for all future purchases or renewals.

5. How is my credit card information protected?

Your credit card details are not visible to any agent and only the last four digits are ever displayed.

6. Will you send marketing messages to the email address I provide when I purchase Norton products?

You will receive by email special offers or marketing information only if you check the box to opt in to receive such special offers or information when checking out from the Norton store. These emails will be sent to the email address indicated in your Norton Account. However, this optional information is not required to register the product. In addition, we may send you service notification emails in order to facilitate an existing transaction or to update you on the status of your subscription.

You can change your communication preferences at any time, either directly through Norton Management at https://manage.norton.com/Account?feature=preferences, from our Online Privacy Statement page at http://www.symantec.com/about/profile/privacypolicy/, or by contacting your local customer support. To find the details of your local customer support organization, please visit www.norton.com/ts. Finally, you may also unsubscribe from receiving marketing messages by clicking on the unsubscribe link that appears in the email received.

7. Do you transfer my data abroad?

Our electronic store platform, our product registration, and our Norton Account are global. Therefore, information about Norton users is processed by Symantec Corp. in the U.S., and may be further transferred to other countries in which Symantec has operations. Regardless of where the information is stored, we use it for the same purpose and we protect it as described in our privacy statement.

8. Do you give my data to third parties?

We do not sell, rent, lease, give away, or disseminate your data to any third party. We only share your personal information, registration, mobile device information, backup, or location data with trusted third parties, which operate on our behalf, have accepted our privacy and security terms, and have agreed to operate in compliance with our policies and in accordance with our instructions.

9. Can I modify or delete my data?

You can always update or modify the data in your Norton Account by logging directly into the account. If you wish to delete your Norton Account, you may contact Norton customer support. We will accommodate your request as permitted by legal requirements around record retention.