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Symantec App Center

Mobile Application Management and Protection

Symantec App Center is an easy-to-use mobile application and content management solution that secures corporate data on mobile devices, regardless of ownership. By offering enterprise-grade, app-specific security, App Center provides a unified platform for addressing diverse enterprise mobility needs, simply and seamlessly, that enables user productivity while protecting enterprise data. Available in on-premise and SaaS versions, App Center delivers advanced application control without requiring any source code changes or SDK embedding.
• Device Management, Application Management and Threat Protection in a single suite.
• One solution for devices, apps and data across personal and corporate devices.
Symantec App Center is designed to make it easy for IT to manage app-centric mobile deployments. With functionality to address the complete lifecycle management of apps and content, from distribution to protection to management, Symantec App Center addresses the needs of all IT stakeholders - enterprise application architects, application developers, information security teams and operations teams.

Key Features

  • App/Data Management and Protection: App Center allows simple app and content deployment, intuitive administrative web portal, on-boarding with email invitations, notification of updates, customized access with tiered privacy controls and integration with enterprise identity and access management systems. Admins can enforce policies for user authentication, re-authentication, data encryption (FIPS 140-2 certified) as well as restrictions on local storage access, off-line access, document sharing and copy/paste and remote selective or complete wipe.
  • Integrated MDM: From the central console, administrators can enforce MDM actions such as lock / wipe / ping / dissociate device, limit device functionality and set/rest password complexity rules. It enables devices to access key corporate assets such as email, calendar, and now provides a simple configuration of secure profiles for Enterprise Wi-Fi and VPN. It ensures corporate compliance by enabling advanced security settings on devices.
  • Integrated Mobile Threat Protection: App Center integrates leading-edge mobile threat protection that defends both users and the enterprise against malware, greyware, privacy risks, performance risks, fraudulent websites and other digital threats. Powered by Norton Mobile Insight, a dynamic intelligence system that analyzes more than 30,000 apps each day and 200 app stores worldwide, including Google Play, Symantec’s mobile threat protection applies real-world information on actual behaviors to protect privacy, detect malware, and mitigate performance risks such as battery drain. Mobile threat protection is centrally managed through the App Center console where administrators can set threat compliance requirements and remediation.
  • Secure Email: App Center enables employee productivity with Symantec Secure Email, a Microsoft ActiveSync-based email app that syncs and stores corporate email. App Center also supports native email apps and other third-party email adds such as Nitrodesk TouchDown™. A secure email proxy provides end-to-end security for email traffic, verifying device compliance before allowing connection to the network.
  • Enterprise App Store: App Center enables self-service distribution of apps to employees and other authorized users with roles-based corporate security and data protection. Apps can be revoked quickly and securely when employees leave the organization or devices are no longer active—with or without managing the mobile device.
  • Certificate Management with MPKI: App Center integrates with Symantec MPKI to enable secure management and distribution of certificates to mobile devices. Administrators can also quickly revoke certificates when a user leaves the organization.
  • iOS 7 Support: App Center complements and extends iOS 7, giving IT organizations the flexibility to address diverse mobile security needs from a single solution.
  • Authentication and Single Sign-on: App Center provides authentication for the App Center portal and wrapped apps, as well as integrated single sign-on functionality for wrapped in-house apps, leveraging popular authentication methods including Active Directory, LDAP, and SAML. It also extends authentication and single sign-on to cloud and wrapped apps through integration with the Symantec Security gateway.
  • Secure App Connectivity: App Center can enforce a secure SSL connection for wrapped apps and block the apps from going to unauthorized or malicious websites. This app wrap policy can mandate an SSL connection to ensure information security for HTTP data-in-transit. A secure app proxy protects data in transit with per-app SSL, FIPS 140-2 tunnels, separating corporate and personal traffic and simplifying compliance by controlling app communication without requiring a device-level VPN or firewall modifications.

Key Benefits

  • Support BYOD without compromising security: Gain all benefits of user satisfaction and capital cost reduction without sacrificing corporate security or end user privacy. Apply policies on corporate data without monitoring personal apps and data.
  • Mobile Enterprise Apps and Data: App Center allows efficient distribution of apps to employees and other authorized users with appropriate corporate security and corporate branding wrappers. Apps and data can be revoked quickly and securely when employees leave or devices are no longer active.
  • Security without source code changes: Enterprises can wrap a layer of security and policy management around any mobile app, without any source code changes or SDK embedding.
  • App developers don't need to be proficient in mobile security: Enterprise application development teams can focus now what they do best without concerning themselves about security implementations like authentication, key management and data loss prevention. All the security features are added post-development in the App Center.